JoAnn Pilston

JoAnn is a potter who spent most of her working years in an office environment. She had always been interested in what it would be like to turn a lump of clay into a beautiful piece, and she now creates her pieces in her basement studio.

Interview with JoAnn Pilston

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am JoAnn Pilston, also known as Jo. I am married, and live in the country with my husband, a couple dogs, and some chickens. Most of my working years were spent in an office environment, most recently in Human Resources roles.

What drew you towards working with ceramics?

I had always been curious about what it would be like to feel the clay between my hands on the wheel and be able to turn a lump into a beautiful functional piece of pottery  

How do Mayco products fit into your work?

I use Mayco glazes and Stroke and Coats every day in my studio. I brush on all my glazes. I don’t have the space to store buckets of dippable glazes, and I feel like I have more control of the outcome. I push the envelope with layering glazes and most times, the outcome is what I imagined or better.

Do you have a favorite glaze or glaze combination?

It changes all the time. Right now my favorite combo is Winter Wood on the bottom ½ and Copper Float on the top ½ on a mug, with a white liner on the inside.

Can you tell us about your studio space?

We have converted our basement into my studio. I started out with a wheel in the corner behind a bar to now I have taken over the whole basement with a slab roller, glaze storage, tables for glazing and slab work. My E23T kiln is housed in a converted coal bin with cement block walls, and a concrete floor.  

How do you come up with your combination and design ideas?

I watch the market, communicate with/visit other artists and outlets, and follow a few groups online including Mayco Mud Room Society and Jon the Potter on FB.