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Mayco’s Stoneware glaze assortment, including Classic, Matte, Crystal, Gloss, Specialty, Textured, Wash and Clear, offers a variety of finishes, textures and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. Available in both liquid and dry.



Glaze Combinations

Artists’ can achieve incredible finishes with a simple combination of two Mayco glazes. Get inspired with Mayco’s glaze combinations or feel free to test your very own!


Mayco Flux was developed to be used in combination with other mid-range glazes to produce movement, flowing effects, and bring about “hidden” colors. Fires from cone 5/6 to cone 10

Stoneware Glazes

Stoneware glazes includes classic, matte, crystal and high-gloss glazes, available in liquid and dry. Stoneware Classic glazes move and float without running off your work. Matte shades create interesting color variation as they move and break. Gloss glazes can be used in design, all over coverage and are the ideal for intermixability. Crystal glazes are designed to expand upon the surface with bursts of color. Fires from cones 5/6 to cone 10.

Stoneware Clear

Stoneware clear glazes preserve the surface of your work and forms an impervious barrier that protects against liquids, dirt and abrasion. Mayco offers three clear dipping and brushing glazes: Clear, Matte Clear, and Zinc-Free Clear. Fires from cone 5/6 to cone 10.

Stoneware Textured & Specialty Glazes

Developed for special effects and surface depth, Mayco’s textured glazes, magma and Mudcrack create a raised surface texture that adds tactility to the decoration. Crackle White and Crackle Matte Clear create a crackled pattern that has traditionally been used to create a vintage or antique appeal. Fires from cone 5/6 to cone 10.


Washes are a multi-purpose product with limitless possibilities for glazing and body staining. Use it to create contrast and depth, sometimes producing a new color. Fires from cone 05/06 to cone 10.

Low Fire Glazes at Cone 6

Many Mayco low-fire glazes can be used at higher temperatures successfully. We have provided each color’s performance under the following testing conditions: application of 3 coats of glaze on a stoneware buff body, fired to cone 6 (1222°C / 2232°F). We recommend testing under your conditions before using in your work.

Ceramic Tools

Add dimension, detail, and intricate design to your art work with Mayco decorating accessories, creating visual interest and personal expression. We have the basic tools you’ll need for constructing with clay, brushes & writing bottles for glaze application, and many silkscreens for surface decorating.

Brochures & Catalogs

A digital collection of Mayco’s literature including catalogs, brochure, price lists, guides and flyers.

Mud Room Resources

Join the Mayco Mud Room Society Facebook page! We’ve created a place for artists to share individual work, chat with each other, and receive advice. This group is for YOU to enjoy and learn. We also have a YouTube playlist full of stoneware techniques that we feature on our website and social media platforms.

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