Logan Watson

Logan Watson of Stone & Wave uses Mayco Stroke & Coat glazes at cone 6 on Speckled Clay to create detailed and functional pieces. “Working with glazes that do not run is vital for the type of designs I like to create, so I really love the crisp lines I get from Mayco glazes”, she says.

Interview with Logan Watson

Mayco: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Logan: Hi, I’m Logan! I am a ceramic artist making functional pottery in my garage studio in Georgia. I have a very supportive husband named Duke, and a pup named Rocky. We live by the lake, and spend most days either on the water or working in the garage! My husband has his half of the garage (a gym) and I have my half, the studio! I love to create pottery that will make you smile.

What drew you towards working with ceramics?

I started working with clay in high school. I always enjoyed painting and creating, but when I took my first ceramics class, something was different and I just loved working with clay! I started taking throwing classes at a local studio, and pottery has been a part of my life ever since. I loved that clay was complex, but somehow forgiving. Working with clay was different, it was rooted in technical skill which kept me very diligent and focussed. I love that it combined creativity and problem solving.

How would you define the style of your work and how did it develop?

I would define my style as functional, casual, and joyful. I always enjoy making functional pieces, and playing with different textures and colors. My style really developed the more I stayed true to what inspired me and what made me smile. I drew inspiration from my childhood growing up in California, and my love for the water and being outside with my family. I found that my style developed and became stronger the more I was creating things that I loved and stayed true to who I was and what I enjoyed.

Can you briefly describe your production process?

I primarily work on the wheel. It’s definitely the place where time disappears and I experience so much joy. I throw most pieces, pull and attach handles, fire, glaze, and fire again. I also prefer to brush each of my designs on by hand. This is a personal preference, but it gives me more freedom with designs and patterns. I also really like each mug to look a bit different!

How do Mayco glazes and products fit into your work?

Mayco is my favorite glaze! I really like dependability when it comes to glazing. Mayco has always stood out to me because the results I get are true to what they advertise. This is especially helpful when I like to surprise my community with a new color for a shop restock! I also love Mayco’s range of colors, especially their Stroke & Coat and Stoneware glazes… My personal favorite is “Pink-a-boo”! Working with glazes that do not run is vital for the type of designs I like to create, so I really love the crisp lines I get from Mayco glazes. My favorite glazes are:SC-1 Pink-A-Boo, SC-2 Melan-Choly, SC-45 My Blue heaven, SC-65 Peri-Twinkle, SC-85 Orkid, and SW-177 Raspberry Mist.

The details and designs of your pieces are one of a kind—how did you develop your own and how does it change with time?

They honestly develop over time! I usually find that pushing outside my comfort zone is how my designs evolve. I brainstorm and try new techniques, colors, ideas, and designs. When I find one I like, I bring it to my social media community and ask for their feedback! My community there has become an integral part of my creative process. I love sharing the journey with them.

Can you tell us a little about your studio space? How important is this environment in the conceptualization in your work?

My studio is in my garage and it is most definitely my happy place! Although the Georgia weather can be a bit unpredictable (and hot!), I really enjoy creating outside. I often leave the door open, and enjoy listening to the sounds around me. I take breaks often to walk down to the lake with my Husband and pup. Having a place where I can create, enjoy my day, and be with my family is essential to my creative process!

What are your staple products as a ceramic artist?

Speckled clay! I love working with speckled clay bodies- and I love seeing their reaction with Stroke and Coat glazes! It’s one of my favorite combinations to work with! I love how the speckles show through the glaze, giving it a charming appearance.

What have been the most influential and career changing experiences you have had? What about these experiences was so important?

Getting to become a full-time potter. In the beginning, I worked another full-time job, and did pottery at night. It was definitely exhausting but worth it. I just recently, on April 1, became a full-time potter, and it feels like such an achievement. Not just for me, but for my family. I wouldn’t have been able to take a leap like that if it weren’t for my husband’s encouragement. Stone and Wave was built one day at a time, one little pot at a time, and seeing it become something that I can call my full-time job feels like a dream come true.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

I’m always working on new projects! I try to set aside designated time to create without any expectations. This really helps me push my creative boundaries. Currently I’ve really been loving experimenting with glaze colors and designs. I’m really hoping to bring more fun patterns and designs to my work! I’ve got a tropical flower design I’m still working on! 🙂

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love Stand Up Paddle boarding! My husband usually fishes on his Kayak, and Rocky and I enjoy a good paddle on the lake. Other than that, you can usually find us grilling, trying new pizzas, or taking on a DIY project!

Is there a significance of your ceramic page name, Stone + Wave?

There is, actually! It is based on a poem I wrote a few years ago. I’ll attach it here for fun if you’d like to read!

The Stone 
What am I but just a stone
Bumping, rolling, wading
upon a watery shore.
And I’ll wait patiently, eagerly, hopefully
For my life is not my own.
I long to soar and grace the waves
Free with no restraint
Colliding with the wind, the salt, the sun
Above the blackest sea.
A flick of the wrist and I propel
Upon the deep unknown.
I skip and dance on moving waters
My faith defeating doubt.
But soon I’ll slow and feel my weight
Gently sinking down.
I’ll land upon the smoothest sand
deep beneath the surface.
I sit and wait patiently, eagerly, hopefully
For the promised current.
I’ll trust and ride the waters path
Until it takes me home
And then I’ll start to begin again
bumping, rolling, wading
Upon that watery shore.