Low-Fire Glazes at Mid-Range

Take Your Low-Fire Glazes to the Next Level

Artists can incorporate and combine other Mayco products with Stoneware glazes at mid-range (cone 5/6) temperatures. Cone 6 color performance can be found on the left side of the low-fire glaze label. We recommend testing on your clay and in your kiln prior to use.

Stroke & Coat®

Many Stroke & Coat® glazes perform well at mid-range. Darker colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue and green may darken compared to their cone 06 results. Lighter colors such as tan, purple and pink will fade.


Many Elements™ and Elements™ Chunkies create beautiful effects when used with stoneware at mid-range. Elements™ will be quite fluid and move during the firing process so keep away from the bottom of the ware.

Jungle Gems™

Jungle Gems™ glazes perform at midrange for very interesting results. Crystals will have additional movement at higher temperatures and will act more as a blending agent.

Designer Liner

Designer Liner enables artists to achieve crisp, non-moving linework from cones 06 – 6 temperatures. To ensure sharpness in line quality, use a non-moving translucent or clear glaze over the top of Designer Liner.


Most Foundations® glazes will maintain their color at higher temperatures, especially reds, oranges, green, blue, and purple.

Fundamentals® Underglaze

Many Fundamentals® Underglazes perform well at higher temperatures. If the form you are painting has texture, dab excess color out of texture, and never allow the glaze to pool in the texture.