Luciana Thomaz

Luciana Thomaz is a ceramic artist of over 20 years. Her artistic passion blends classic and contemporary painting styles together and adds Arabic-influenced elements to her modern and abstract work. She owns a studio in São Paulo where she frequently teaches pottery classes. You may even see her teaching at Mayco events! Luciana primarily uses Mayco’s Stoneware and Stoneware Wash lines at cone 5/6.

Interview with Luciana Thomaz

Mayco: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Luciana: My name is Luciana, I’m Brazilian, I was born in São Paulo Capital, I’m 36 years old and I am currently living in the city of Vinhedo, the inner state of São Paulo. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, but due to my passion, migrated into the world of ceramics 23 years ago. I have started at an early age, at age 13 to paint ceramics and soon became a teacher myself at age 21. In 2012, I have inaugurated my own studio, where I teach regular pottery painting.

What drew you towards working with ceramics?

The art of ceramics painting is a versatile activity and accessible to all people and ages. The countless combinations of working with clay, enamels, and fire, offers you to explore your creativity endlessly.

How would you describe your style of work, the materials you use and how you’re inspired?

Ceramic painting allows me to travel through many style directions, from the classic to contemporary. I like to blend them together and bring in elements of the classic, Arabic-influenced, to my modern and abstract work.

Can you briefly describe your production process?

Luciana: The process begins with the idea of the drawing, the shape of the ceramic piece and the choice of clay. Then the modelling of the clay is performed by a potter, who works in partnership with our studio. After the first firing, I carry out the study of the drawing that will be applied to the piece and start the work with the enamels. I like to produce different textures and effects through the firing temperature in my electric ovens.

How do Mayco glazes and products fit into your work?

The technology and quality of the Mayco enamels allow me to put my ideas and creations into practice. The results are incredible and even the so-called errors become new techniques. I have been working with Mayco enamels for 18 years now and am surprised by the constant innovation that the company offers us through its products.

Is there a universal concept or theme that you would like to retain as the foundation to all your future work?

The expression of feelings through ceramic painting, I want to encourage all who share the same passion for this particular art, to show to the world the beauty which can be brought to life, by the union of simple elements such as clay and enamels and how this can have a positive effect on the daily life of a person.

Can you tell us a little about your studio space? How important is this environment in the conceptualization ou your work?

The Studio is located in the city of Vinhedo, 46miles from the capital of São Paulo, in an easily accessible place with natural lighting and a cozy atmosphere. We offer regular painting courses in ceramics and manual modelling, from Tuesday to Friday, with 2 classes per day (Morning / Afternoon), currently, we have 100 students. Our team is composed of 6 collaborators (Teachers, Assistants, Administrative). Our space has approximately 361 ft, divided into 2 classrooms, stock parts/enamels and ovens room.

What have been the most influential and career changing experiences you have had? What about these experiences was so important?

8 years ago I had to decide between my 2 professions (Nutritionist / Ceramicist). It was a difficult moment of my personal life and I chose to follow my childhood dream in having my own studio. Pottery was the remedy and foundation in all important moments of my life.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

Currently we are working on a project which is called “Projeto Prata da Casa”. The project aims to value local artists from the pottery work field to come together, to share precious knowledge and to present each other with the individual way of expressing their work. Every month, we invite a guest artist to participate in our Studio. The artist offers a Workshop from modelling, sculptures, mocha, diffusion, paper clay, texturing and many more. We are always thinking about new projects for the future and our next one is called “Pintando na Escola”. It is a project, which aims to bring the art of ceramics painting into the classrooms of elementary school kids. The development of the pieces by the students will be used as fixation of disciplinary content or for production on commemorative dates.

When you’re not making or promoting your work, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy being with my family and my friends (My husband, my children, my parents/siblings, etc …). We regularly meet at weekends to enjoy the traditional Brazilian barbecue. Besides, I love traveling and I am always thinking anxiously about exploring new destinations.