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Mayco Mud Room

A place for all aficionados of clay: potters, students, art educators, clay artists and enthusiastic ceramists. Mayco’s Mud Room is the place to get up-to-date information on clay artists, techniques, and products at mid and high-fire temperatures. Click our social media links below to follow the Mud Room’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Sign up for our newsletter below for a chance to win a case of Mayco’s most popular stoneware glazes!


Glaze Combinations Gallery

Artists can achieve incredible finishes with a simple combination of two glazes. Get inspired with our gallery of glaze combinations from cone 06, 6 and 10.

Mayco Mud Room Society

Join the Mayco Mud Room Society Facebook page! We’ve created a place for artists to share individual work, chat with each other, and receive advice. This group is for YOU to enjoy and learn.

Stoneware Videos

We have a YouTube playlist full of stoneware techniques that we feature on our website and social media platforms.


Explore ideas, draw inspiration or choose your next project from our extensive library.

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Mayco Glazes

At Mayco, we offer many different product lines, each with unique performance properties. To assist new users in selecting an appropriate product, we have provided an overview based on your firing preference. We also have many specialty glazes that can be used in combination to add visual interest and design.