Welcome Pottery Camp 2023 Attendees!

Pottery Camp Projects

Elements Cactus Plate by Mayco

Lattice Stoneware Pet Bowl by Wendy Ives of Artful Designs

Cheetah Arch Vase by Ammie Ya'll / Bisque Imports

Bird Stack Plate by Mayco

Summer Fun-Fetti Pineapple Plate by Chesapeake Ceramics

Jazzy Geometric Container by Sandi Kirkwood

Meet the Instructors

Ammie Williams, Bisque Imports

Ammie Williams (aka Ammie Y’all) is an artist and accidental influencer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She has spent the last decade working in the PYOP industry and is full of tips and tricks to paint the best pottery possible. Ammie has designed a line of bisque, silkscreens, and stickers with Bisque Imports and has more amazing products in the works. She has built and fostered an extremely dedicated Instagram audience who love following her life and work through daily updates. The same audience often breaks her website trying to buy finished ceramic pieces. When she’s not posting on Instagram (this is rare), she enjoys reading with a beer or watching Real Housewives. 

Crista Toler, Mayco

Crista Toler entered the ceramics industry in 1997 when she opened her studio, Stroke of Genius, in Wilmington, NC.  During that time she served on the CCSA Board of Directors in a variety of roles including President, Member Benefits Director and Supplier Liaison. She joined Mayco in July 2013 as Studio Market Manager. Crista’s passion and varied experience, from studio owner to bisque supplier and color manufacturer – give her unique insight in the industry. She believes in loving what you do and is thankful to work with the fun and creative people that make up our organization. 

Courtney Joyner, Brush Strokes Pottery

Courtney is the Owner and Creative Genius behind Brush Strokes Pottery.  Formerly a mobile PYOP studio, Brush Strokes now operates as a production studio offering finished goods and DIY kits. The mission at Brush Strokes is simple – create joy!  Courtney and her team are committed to breaking through the barriers of self-doubt and anxiety to bring joy and creativity to the world. She loves creating and her goal is to help people feel inspired to do the same.

Prior to the pyop world she spent several years in Corporate America with a successful marketing career. She holds a MA in Communication Studies and BA in Broadcast Journalism from Texas State University. When she’s not in her studio, you’ll find her out enjoying the beautiful Hill Country, appreciating good wine and traveling the world. Courtney lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Josh, and golden doodle, Phoebe.  

Jim Skutt, Skutt

Jim is a 3rd generation family member at Skutt Ceramic Products, a family-owned manufacturing business in Portland, OR. After 36 years at SCP, and 24 as President, he is taking on his newest role as Chair of the Board of Directors beginning in 2023. Born and raised in Portland, Jim attended Colorado College and earned a BA in Economics in 1985. 

Liz Martinez, Artist, Chesapeake Ceramics

Originally from San Diego, Liz has lived in the Nashville area for 16 years now….so she’s sort of like a west coast southern girl. She started in the paint your own pottery industry 21 years ago and last year joined the Chesapeake Ceramics team. She’s fluent in sarcasm and loves dogs, naps, carbs, and all things Vincent Van Gogh.  

Sandi Kirkwood, Clay Casa New Braunfels

Sandi spent years in retail management before changing careers. She then taught marketing and entrepreneurship for 12 years, but owning a business was what she really wanted to do. After visiting a studio in California, she came home, wrote a business plan, and started her first PYOP studio in San Antonio in 2001. In 2014 a studio in New Braunfels was for sale and she purchased that one. Along the way, Sandi served on the CCSA’s Board of Directors and served as the President of CCSA. In 2020, Sandi sold her San Antonio studio to “semi-retire”.  Sandi continues to operate Clay Casa New Braunfels and also works as an Independent Consultant for Mayco. 

Wendy Ives, Artful Designs

Wendy Ives, owner of Artful Designs studio in Bloomington, IL, has had great success with her Paint Your Own Pottery business since 1999 when she started as a mobile studio, inviting people to paint out of her kitchen and basement.  Since integrating Mayco Stoneware into her storefront studio, Wendy continues to create stunning pieces and hosts virtual and in-studio classes to introduce more PYOP artists to stoneware. Wendy’s passion for stoneware took off during the pandemic and she has taught online classes to people all over the world including South Africa, Australia, Tasmania and England.    

Studio Resources

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