Midnight Blue


Cone 06 oxidation: Midnight Blue is a translucent underglaze suitable for use with a number of decorating techniques including airbrushing, antiquing and brushstrokes.

Cone 6 oxidation: No change. Recommended clear: SW001 Stoneware Clear.

Cone 10 reduction: No change. Recommended clear: SW001 Stoneware Clear.




Duncan E-Z Stroke® have a definite see-through quality, even when one color is applied over another. They should be used for design work, simulated china painting techniques, plaid effects or any other technique where a shaded or two-tone effect is desired. E-Z Strokes are also the preferred underglaze color medium for outlining and detailing, including eyes, personalizing with names and dates, and accenting design work.

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Food Safe

Dinnerware Safe
Weight 1.87 lbs
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