Stoneware Crackle Matte Clear


Cone 6 oxidation (larger image): Crackle Matte Clear is a soft matte, semi-transparent glaze that develops a fine crackle pattern.

Cone 10 reduction (smaller image): No Change.

TIP: A minimum of two coats are needed to develop a crackle pattern. To highlight the crackle pattern, after firing, wipe black acrylic or ink over the ware and wipe off, allowing the ink to fill the cracks.



Stoneware Clear Glazes will preserve and enhance the surface of your work.

Chips shown are fired flat on a white clay body fired to cone 6 oxidation and cone 10 reduction. The choice of clay body, the thickness of glaze application, the firing process, and temperature will affect the fired results.

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Food Safe

Dinnerware Safe
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SW-003 Pint, SW-003 Gallon, SD-003 10lbs Dry

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