Projects Inspired by Famous Artists

Art History with a Modern Spin

Art History is a fun and interesting subject to explore with children of all ages and it’s never too early to start. Famous artists had different ways of creating art, all of which can eagerly be explored by budding young artists too. Different materials and textures can be used to provide multi-sensory art projects for kids, whilst also teaching children about the history of art. Surrealist Salvador Dali’s (1904 -1989) 1931 melting clock painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory’ is one of his most well-known works of art. Pose these questions to students: What do you think they represent? Is time something the painter sees as flexible? Why or why not? Ask students to consider the same question in terms of themselves: is time something that they see as flexible? Does time seem to stop or freeze for you sometimes? Do some days never seem to end? Have you ever said “Where did the day go?” Picasso was famous for faces so, why not create a Picasso Clay Face using clay and bright colors from Stroke & Coat glazes.  Pointillism: is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac named this painting technique back in 1866. We pulled together a variety of projects for you to try with several application approaches.