3D Art Heart

Designer: Josh Clark



1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque.  Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.

2. Using the AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper trace on the heart pattern in the center of the lid.  Only one side of the AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper transfers the design. So test which side transfers before you spend time tracing.  Lay the Clay Carbon Paper on the bisque, place the pattern on top of the Clay Carbon paper and use a pen or pencil to trace the lines.  Periodically check to make sure the image transfers.

3. Use the various Designer Liner colors, the order doesn’t matter,  create the lines on the lid.  To achieve the illusion of a dimensional design with a color of choice, start at the edge of the lid and draw a straight line of color until you reach the design.  When you get to the heart design curve the line up to an arch and then when you reach the opposite of the heart design go back to a straight line to the edge of the lid.   Repeat until the entire lid is covered with the lines.  The heart pattern is the only place the lines will be curved.

4. When the glaze dries or the shine is off of the glaze shade the heart.  Using the CB-106 Script Liner, thin SC-12 Moody Blue with water and shade around the heart.  The color will be lighter on the outer edge and darker closer to the heart.   This will make the heart pop off the design.

5.  Using the CB-604 Soft Fan brush apply  3-4 coats of FN-003 Red to the entire heart box bottom and the inside of the lid if you choose

6.  Use clear glaze of choice and glaze the lid.  If the base is covered with FN-003 you can skip the dip, or clear glaze.

7. Fire to cone 05/06.



  • MB-1451 Classic Heart Box


  • SC-12 Moody Blue
  • SG-403 Red
  • SG-404 Blue
  • SG-405 Green
  • SG-407 Yellow
  • SG-408 Orange
  • SG-411 Purple
  • FN-003 Red

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-604 Soft Fan
  • CB-106 Script Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories

  •  AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper