Acrylic Vintage Truck Container

Designer: Marcia Roullard



  1. On 04 bisque, brush SS-179 Antique Red in all the shadow areas of the truck, brush the remainder of the truck’s body with SS-176 Christmas Red. Dry Brush the body of the truck with Christmas Red, add SS-210 Orange to the brush to dry brush a highlight color over the red. Use the flat shader to float SS-138 Black into the shadow areas.
  2. Brush the windows and the hub caps with SS-45 Buttermilk, dry brush with SS-135 white, Float SS-130 Medium Gray on the window, and hub caps.
  3. Brush SS-81 Shimmering Silver on the bumpers and door handle.
  4. Brush the tires with SS-138 Flat Black.
  5. Brush 2-3 coats of AC-501 Gloss Sealer over the car to gloss, omit the tires.



  • MB-1502 Vintage Truck Container Bisque or CD1508 Vintage Truck Container Mold


  • SS-45 Buttermilk
  • SS-176 Christmas Red
  • SS-179 Antique Red
  • SS-130 Medium Gray
  • SS-135 White
  • SS-138 Flat Black
  • SS-210 Orange
  • SS-81 Shimmering Silver
  • AC-501 Gloss Sealer

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-202 Detail Liner
  • CB-406-Pointed Round
  • CB-606-Pointed Round
  • CB-310 Flat Shader
  • various sizes of Dry Brushes

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water