Butterfly Tray

Designer: Marcia Roullard



1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 Bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.

2. Use the Soft Fan to apply three coats of FN-002 Yellow to the back of the tray and three coats of FN-013 Light Yellow to the front of the tray. Let dry.

3. Use the foam roller to apply SC-34 Down to Earth onto MT-013 Honeycomb Mat then press the mat onto the tray as shown.

4. Thicken S-2101 Clear with AC-310 Silkscreen Medium and use a palette knife mix to the consistency of peanut butter. Add a few drops of food coloring to tint the mixture. Using the butterflies from DSS-0113 Bugs (shiny side down), rub the thickened Clear over the screen. You can immediately re-use the screen without cleaning between prints in this application.

5. For the large butterflies, use the Script Liner to apply two coats of SC-23 Jack O’Lantern onto the wings near the body. Blend in SC-75 Orange-A-Peel to finish the wings.

6. Use the Liner and Script Liner to apply two coats of SC-13 Grapel onto the small butterflies. Let dry.

7. Thicken SC-15 Tuxedo as in step four. Place the butterfly screen over the previously screened image ensuring the design is in alignment. Rub the thickened Tuxedo over the screen. Wash between uses.

8. Fire to cone 05/06.



  • MB-1307 Two Handled Platter


  • FN-002 Yellow
  • FN-013 Light Yellow
  • SC-13 Grapel
  • SC-15 Tuxedo
  • SC-23 Jack O’ Lantern
  • SC-34 Down To Earth
  • SC-75 Orange-A-Peel
  • S-2101 Clear Brushing Glaze

Decorating Accessories

  • DSS-0113 Bugs
  • AC-310 Silkscreen Medium
  • MT-013 Honeycomb Mat
  • CB-106 #6 Script Liner
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • 2″ Foam Roller
  • Palette Knife
  • Food Coloring