Cutout Bjorn Bunny

Designer: Bob Moreni


  1. Cast the mold in usual manner. If cutting out like shown in photo, you can trace on the pattern, cut out the carrot, then use a small hole tool to cut out the carrot tops.
  2. Allow Greenware to dry. Clean the greenware with a Clean-Up Tool. Bisque fire to cone 04.
  3. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  4. Using a Basecoat Brush, basecoat the Bunny’s Body with 1-2 coats of SS-24 Chocolate Fudge.
  5. Using various size Drybrush’s, drybrush the bunny’s body as follows:
    1. SS-234 Medium Mocha followed by OS467 Light Brown.
    2. Highlight with SS-45 Buttermilk then SS-135 White to the tips of the feet, hands, face area, tail and heavier on the muzzle.
  6. Drybrush the inside of the ears and nose with SS-183 Rich Peach with some SS-45 Buttermilk on the brush blending the color to tone down the SS-183 Rich Peach. Highlight the nose with SS-45 Buttermilk.
  7. Using a Basecoat Brush, basecoat the overalls with OS541 Northern Blue.
  8. Drybrush with SS-335 Rich Blue followed by SS-331 Medium Blue. Highlight with OS456 Baby Blue then some SS-135 White.
  9. Using a Basecoat Brush, basecoat the hat with OS571 Curry.
  10. Drybrush with OS435 Gold then with SS-111 Brightest Yellow.
  11. Basecoat the carrot with SS-24 Chocolate Fudge and the carrot tops with SS-57 Accent Green.
  12. Drybrush the carrot with SS-399 Terra Cotta then SS-210 Orange. Highlight with SS-111 Brightest Yellow.
  13. Drybrush the carrot tops with SS-19 Country Sage then Highlight with SS-111 Brightest Yellow.
  14. Using an Angle Shader, float SS-24 Chocolate Fudge in all the deep crevices of the Bunny’s Body.
  15. Using a CB-202 #2 Detail Liner, apply 2 coats of UM953 Bronze to the overall buttons. Apply SS-210 Orange to the button stitching. Allow to dry!
  16. Apply 2 coats of SS-342C Matte Spray Sealer to piece. Allow to dry!!
  17. Using a CB-202 #2 Detail Liner, apply 2 coats of AC-501 Gloss Brush on Sealer to the buttons. Allow to dry!
  18. Do Not Fire!



  • CD047 Bjorn Bunny Gnome


  • SS-19 Country Sage
  • SS-24 Chocolate Fudge
  • SS-45 Buttermilk
  • SS-57 Accent Green
  • SS-111 Brightest Yellow
  • SS-135 White
  • SS-138 Flat Black
  • SS-183 Rich Peach
  • SS-210 Orange
  • SS-234 Medium Mocha
  • SS-331 Medium Blue
  • SS-335 Rich Blue
  • SS-399 Terra Cotta
  • OS467 Light Brown
  • OS571 Curry
  • OS435 Gold
  • OS541 Northern Blue
  • OS489 Saddle Brown
  • OS456 Baby Blue
  • UM953 Bronze
  • SS-342C Matte Spray Sealer
  • AC-501 Gloss Sealer

Decorating Accessories

  • Basecoat Brush
  • Various Dry Brushes
  • AB-709 3/8”Angular Shader
  • CB-202 #2 Detail Liner 

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Foam Plates or Aluminum Foil for Palette
  • Paper Towels
  • Water Bowl
  • Clean-Up Tool
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Small hole cutout tool
  • Pattern