Designer Liner Tumbler

Designer: Josh Clark



  1. Fire bisque to shelf cone 04 and wipe bisque with a damp sponge before starting to paint.
  2. Using AC-230 Clay Carbon paper, draw and transfer the outline of the rose onto the bisque.
  3. Using SG-403 Red Designer Liner, trace the transferred outline of the rose.
  4. Using SG-404 Blue Designer Liner and SG-410 Bright Blue Designer Liner, remove the designer tip and use CB-106 Scrip Liner brush and CB-110 Liner brush to paint the inside of the rose petals.
  5. Next, using SG-405 Green Designer Liner and SG-Bright Green Designer Liner and using the brushes mentioned in step 4, paint the leaves and eucalyptus.
  6. Lastly, paint 1-2 coats of SW-001 Stoneware Clear over the entire piece
  7. Fire to cone 6.



  • SB-128 Tumbler Stoneware Bisque or CD128 Tumbler Mold


  • SG-403 Red Designer Liner
  • SG-404 Blue Designer Liner
  • SG-405 Green Designer Liner
  • SG-410 Bright Blue Designer Liner
  • SG-409 Bright Green Designer Liner
  • SW-001 Stoneware Clear

Decorating Accessories

  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper
  • CB-110 #10/0 Liner
  • CB-106 #6 Script Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge