Elements Toad House

Designer: Bre Kathman



  1. Roll a slab approximately 1/4 inch thick.
  2. Place slab on CD776 Circle Slump & Hump Mold
  3. Compress slab on hump mold with sponge or rib.
  4. Use ST-367 Leafy Border Stamp to create texture on the top of the compressed slab. This will be the top of the house.
  5. Cut excess clay around the outside edge of the mold.
  6. Roll out another slab approximately ¼ inch thick 11” long and 7” tall, compress and set aside.
  7. Wrap paper around the tin can.
  8. Cut the bottom edge of the slab to be flat.
  9. Wrap slab around paper and can with the flat side on the bottom.
  10. Slightly overlap the slab and cut any extra clay off.
  11. Smooth the overlapped clay into the rest of the slab to create a tube around the can. This is base of the house.
  12. Cut around the top edge of the can to create a flat top to attach the roof.
  13. Texture the slab on the can with ST-113 Circulate Stamp.
  14. Cut a hole for the door (be sure to only cut 2 sides of the door so it will stay connected.
  15. Remove slab from can.
  16. Score and slip the top of the house and the bottom side of the soon to be roof created earlier.
  17. Place roof slab on the house.
  18. Create an organic wave with roof edge and add ST-353 stamp for extra texture.
  19. Add welcome sign and any other additions.
  20. Let dry completely.
  21. Bisque fire to cone 04.
  22. Paint 3 coats of EL-146 Rain Cloud on the outside wall of the house. We will leave the bottom and the inside unglazed to let moisture release from the house.
  23. Paint 3 coats of EL- 145 Ginger Root on the door except for the handle and hinges.
  24. Paint 3 coats of EL-144 Dark Amethyst on the handle and hinges of the door.
  25. Paint 2 coats of EL-143 Cactus Flower on Welcome sign.
  26. Wipe welcome sign with a damp sponge until you can read the words.
  27. Paint 3 coats of EL-144 Dark Amethyst on the screws on the welcome sign.
  28. Paint 3 coats of EL-142 Grass to the roof. Let dry.
  29. Rub the roof and walls with your hand so that some of the glaze is removed from the high points of the roof. This will promote the color changes in the glaze.
  30. Let dry, stilt and fire to Cone 06.



  • Low-fire White Clay


  • EL-144 Dark Amethyst
  • EL-145 Ginger Root
  • EL-143 Cactus Flower
  • EL-146 Rain cloud
  • EL-142 Grass

Decorating Accessories

  • RB-144 #4 Soft Fan
  • ST-113 Circulate Stamp
  • ST-353 Jumbo Swirl Blocks Stamp
  • ST-367 Leafy Border stamp
  • CD776 Circle Slump & Hump Mold

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Rib
  • Large (40 oz) tin can
  • Pencil
  • Fettling knife
  • Paper