Floral Tile

Designer: William Pulse



  1. Use a moistened synthetic sponge to wipe down the bisque ware to remove any dust.
  2. Print two copies of the pattern. Place the one pattern onto the ware. Using a pencil and AC-230 Clay Carbon to transfer only the flower portion of the design at this time. Using scissors to carefully cut out the flower in the other pattern copy.
  3. Apply 3 coats of UG-46 Bright Yellow to the flower portion of the pattern. Apply the color out over the edges about ¼” past the outline of the flower edges. Apply the color as even as possible using CB-406 #6 Pointed Round.
  4. Paint the back of the cut-out flower pattern with water and secure it to the yellow painted area. Make sure that the pattern covers only the yellow areas painted and all edges are tightly affixed to the ware.
  5. On a tile or palette place some of UG-91 True Teal, UG-94 Pansy Purple, UG-210 Forest Green and UG-219 Marine Blue. Start up on the right corner of the tile and apply some UG-94 Pansy Purple using CB-604 #4 Soft Fan working down the side of the tile and towards the middle. Without washing the brush, pick up some UG-219 Marine Blue and brush over the wet edge of the purple area working downward and towards (diagonally) the left side of the tile. Work the brush back and forth where the two colors overlap creating a blending of color.  There should be no harsh edge, but a gradual transition from one color to the next.  The tile should be about two-thirds of being covered. Load the unwashed brush and apply some UG-91 True Teal to the remaining portion of the tile, wet blending the edge of the UG-219 Marine Blue into the UG-91 True Teal area. Pick up some UG-210 Forest Green and wet blend the left corner of the tile. This color should be darkest at the left corner portion of the tile.
  6. Repeat this step until 3 coats of each color has been applied.  As you look at the tile you should see a subtle blending of colors diagonally from the purple on the right upper corner of the tile transitioning into the blue-greens to the darkest green at the left bottom corner. Before the color has completely dried, remove the paper pattern from the flower. Check to make sure no yellow color was lifted as you removed the paper. If any color was removed, re-apply the yellow to the flower.
  7. Transfer or freehand the leaves onto the pattern. Apply two coats of UG-220 Sage using CB-110 Liner to the leaves excluding the one on the far left. Apply some thinned UG-1 Kings Blue to this portion. Shade the Sage portion of the leaves with some UG-91 True Teal using CB-404 Pointed Round.
  8. Starting with the top left petal, apply 1 coat of UG-206 Fire Engine Red using CB-106 #6 Script Liner. Use some water to lighten the color towards the flower center. The petal to the right of the first petal is a wash of UG-206 Fire Engine Red. You should be able to see some yellow coming through the red. To the petal below the first painted petal, apply 1 coat of UG-217 Red Coral to the petal and fading the color towards the center. Paint in washes of Red Coral on the remaining petals overlapping slightly where the red coral meets on the second petal.
  9. Slightly thin some UG-50 Jet Black. Load CB-106 #6 Script Liner with water and tip it in the thinned black.  Shade the throat of the flower to where the darkest coloring is in the center of the flower. This shading should be subtle and not dominant on the flower. Paint in the stamens with thinned UG-50 Jet Black using CB-110 #10/0 Mini Liner. Do not make them appear too dark, they should be rather faint in appearance.
  10. Apply 2 coats of S-2101 Crystal Clear Brushing to the flower and leaves on the pattern. To the sides of the tile apply 3 coats of FN-009 Black using CB-406 #6 Pointed Round. Try to not get any glaze on the background areas of the tile.
  11. Stilt and fire the piece to shelf cone 05-06.



  • MB-1397 Message Plaque (clip isn’t necessary for the final piece)


  • S-2101 Crystal Clear Brushing
  • FN-009 Black
  • UG-1 Kings Blue
  • UG-46 Bright Yellow
  • UG-91 True Teal
  • UG-94 Pansy Purple
  • UG-206 Fire Engine Red
  • UG-210 Forest Green
  • UG-217 Red Coral
  • UG-219 Marine Blue
  • UG-220 Sage

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-106 #6 Script Liner
  • CB-110 #10/0 Mini Liner
  • CB-404 #4 Pointed Round
  • CB-406 #6 Pointed Round
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan.

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tile or palette
  • Synthetic sponge
  • Pattern: Download