Foundations Landscape Tile

Designer: Kaitlyn Miller



  1. Roll clay out into a slab that is about 1/8” thick and compress with rib 
  2. Using a fettling knife cut base tile shape to your desired size and save extra slab pieces 
  3. Use extra slabs to create hills in the foreground and middle ground of your image by flattening them more with your hands and cutting them to size 
  4. Slip and score to attach pieces to base slab 
  5. Roll out multiple coils to create tree design and attach by slipping as scoring 
  6. Add additional texture details to slab with your pencil by drawing in lines or creating a “hammered metal” texture in the sky 
  7. Allow tile to dry slowly 
  8. Once fully dry, bisque fore to Cone 04 


  1. Wipe down bisque with a damp sponge to remove any dust 
  2. Using a soft bristled brush, apply 3 coats of FN-37 Chartreuse to the hill in the background, allowing glaze to dry in between coats 
  3. Using the same glazing technique, apply 3 coats of FN-7 Green to the middle ground hill and 3 coats of FN-21 Olive Green to the hill in the foreground 
  4. Apply 3 coats of FN-212 Blue Dimond to the sky, 3 coats of FN-29 Rich Chocolate to the tree truck and branches and 3 coats of FN-21 Olive Green to the tree’s leaves 
  5. Allow to dry completely 
  6. Glaze fire to Cone 06 



  • LEM100 1.5 lbs Low-fire White Clay 


  • FN-212 Bule Dimond 
  • FN-21 Olive Green 
  • FN-7 Green  
  • FN-37 Chartreuse  
  • FN-29 Rich Chocolate  

    Miscellaneous Accessories

    • Water 
    • Sponge 
    • Fettling knife 
    • Pencil 
    • Slab roller or rolling pin 
    • Rib 
    • Brushes for glazing