Halloween Cans

Designer: Marcia Roullard



1. In wet greenware, cut out the pumpkin faces, clean and fire to cone 04.

2. Tape over the cut-outs on the cans, thin slightly FN-037 Chartreuse, pour to the inside, turn to coat, pour out the excess glaze. Drain, remove the tape, clean off excess glaze from the front of the can.

3  Fire to cone 05/06.

4.  Use a flat soft brush to brush on SS-210 Orange, streaking in SS-247 Bright Yellow, occasionally, will need two coats. Let dry.

5.  Thicken SS-138 Black with AC-310 Silkscreen Medium using a palette knife, sprinkle in the Medium a little at a time, then mix. Should be a thick paste.  Test before using on the can.  Use the small crow from DSS-0114 Creepy with the shiny side down, rub the thickened black over the crow screen, remove and gently wash in warm water.

6.  Brush on SS-81 Shimmering Silver to the cans rims and bottom edge to make it look like metal.

7.  Brush on the gloss sealer or spray with a gloss sealer.

8.  Handles are made from hangers, use a wire cutter to cut the straight side of the hanger, bend it around something circular, use pliers to bend the edges to fit into the cans side holes.  Brush the handles with the SS-138 Black and gloss seal.



  • CD-1404 Gallon Can
  • CD-1405 Quart Can


  • FN-037 Chartreuse
  • SS-210 Orange
  • SS-138 Black
  • SS-247 Bright Yellow
  • SS-81 Shimmering Silver
  • AC-510 Gloss Sealer

Decorating Accessories

  • DSS-0114 Creepy Silkscreen
  • CB-604 # 4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Palette Knife
  • Flat Brush
  • Wire Hangers
  • Pattern: Download