Make Your Life Shine Metallic Canvas

Designer: Laura Fraedrich



  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Using the CB-604 Soft Fan Brush, apply one coat of SS-317 Turquoise to the front and sides of the canvas.
  3. While still wet, use the Fan Brush to blend in random areas of SS-288 Bright Green. Let dry
  4. Using the Clay Carbon Paper and a pencil, transfer the pattern onto the front of the canvas.
  5. Using the CB-110 Mini Liner, apply one coat of SS-179 Antique Red to the word ‘shine’.
  6. Using the Mini Liner, outline the word shine with SS-138 Flat Black.
  7. Using the Mini Liner, apply one coat of SS-111 Brightest Yellow to the sun.
  8. Using the Mini Liner, apply one coat of SS-135 White to the words ‘make your life’, outline the sun, and add highlights to the word ‘shine’.
  9. Using the CB-604 Soft Fan Brush, apply two coats of MM-102 around the edges of the words and to the sides of the canvas.
  10. Using a toothbrush, splatter MM-202 Green Patina randomly over the Copper Metallic while it’s still wet. Apply some larger drips to a few areas. The oxidation reaction should begin several minutes after applying the patina.
  11. Once you are satisfied with the oxidation process, apply one or two coats of AC-502 Matte Sealer to the front of the canvas to stop the reaction.



  • MB-1383 8” x 10” Clay Canvas


  • SS-111 Brightest Yellow
  • SS-135 White
  • SS-138 Flat Black
  • SS-179 Antique Red
  • SS-288 Bright Green
  • SS-317 Turquoise
  • MM-102 Copper Metallic
  • MM-202 Green Patina
  • AC-502 Matte Sealer

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-604 #4 Fan
  • CB-106 #6 Script Liner
  • CB-110 #10/0 Mini Liner
  • Clay Carbon Paper

Miscellaneous Accessories