Red River Gum Tree Vase

Designer: David Hoff



  1. Trace the pattern on to the ware using provided pattern, clay carbon and pencil (red pencil is helpful).
  2. Lightly damp sponge the ware to remove any dust and to condition the piece for decorating. The pattern will not be harmed by the sponging.
  3. Place the EZ-Stroke colors onto the palette and thin if needed with a drop or two of water and mix with palette knife.
  4. Leaves are completed as follows:
    • Fully load #6 Round with Leaf Green, side load with Yellow Orange, the other side with Ivy Green and tip with Passion Red.
    • Starting at the base of leaf and working toward the tip, press firmly, pull and lift each leaf in place. Note: the harder the round is pressed against the ware the wider the stroke.
    •  For larger leaves, two side by side strokes will be needed.
    • Reload the Round as needed; leaves will appear different in coloration, with some being more yellow or redder. Variety is important to the design.
    • Allow some drying time.
  5. Additional shading is added randomly with a float of Passion Red and/or Ivy Green. To float in the color; water dampen the Round, then pull one side of Round through desired color and blend on palette. Add shading between overlapping leaves and under the one turnback.
  6. Flowers are completed with #10/0 Detail Liner using Passion Red, Poppy Orange and Yellow Orange. If needed, add a few drops of water to each color and mix. When using a Liner, colors should be slightly thinner than normal. All flowers are completed in the same colors and manner.
    • Fully load Liner with Yellow Orange, for the side view flower work from the calyx, for the full view flower work from the center pulling out multiple very fine lines. Some lines can have a slight curve but for the most part the lines are straight.
    • Proceed to repeat the process with Poppy Orange, adding additional fine lines.
    • Continue adding fine lines with Passion Red. Pull in plenty of these fine Passion Red lines for the River Red Gum flowers are vibrant in their red coloration.
    • With both Passion Red and Poppy Orange loaded onto the Liner, tap in fine dots to the outer edges of each flower, thus denoting pollen.
    • To the centers of the full view flowers, stipple in both Yellow Orange and Poppy Orange.
    • The calyx to the side view flowers are pulled with #6 Round that has been loaded with Leaf Green, side loaded with Ivy Green and tipped slightly in Passion Red. Press and pull the Round forming the shaded calyx. Two small strokes are recommended.
  7. For the stems and detailing of the leaves a new color needs to be created. To make a more bold and brownish color place Ivy Green on palette. Pick up some Passion Red on a palette knife, add to Ivy Green and mix. Keep adding more Passion Red until a deep greenish brown is produced. Note: to achieve brown tones you can mix two complimentary colors together.
  8. Thin the mix as needed and fully load #10/0 Liner and pull in the stems.
  9. Outline the leaves with thick and thin broken lines using the same mix of green and red. For the center and side veins pull in smoother flowing lines. The calyx is also shaded and detailed with the same mix of color.
  10. Sign the piece
  11. Fire the piece to shelf cone 04 – 06 to set the color.
  12. Lightly damp sponge ware to remove any fired dust and to condition the piece for decorating.
  13. Thin 2 ounces or more of Bright Straw with water to a cream like consistency and mix thoroughly.
  14. Pour the mix into the ware and roll the inside with color. Drain off the excess and remove any drips or runs from the outside of ware with damp sponge.
  15. Set aside to dry.
  16. To the inside of ware brush on one coat of Pure Brilliance using Glaze Fan.
  17. To the outside of the vase apply 2 to 3 coats of Pure Brilliance. Note the sample has three coats.
  18. Stilt the ware and fire to shelf cone 06.
  19. Remove stilt marks with Dremel Tool or Stilt Stone.



  • MB-1145 Flat Tulip Vase or CD-1145 Flat Tulip Vase Mold



  • EZ026 Yellow Orange
  • EZ028 Leaf Green
  • EZ033 Ivy Green
  • EZ058 Poppy Orange
  • EZ075 Passion Red
  • CN012 Bright Straw
  • PG Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze

Decorating Accessories

  • RB-144 #4 Soft Fan
  • RB 116 #6 Round
  • RB 110 10/0 Detail Liner
  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Transfer Paper

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Sponge
  • Palette Knife
  • Glazed tile for palette or heavy duty page protector
  • Paper Cup 3 oz
  • Paper Towels
  • Standard or Red Pencil
  • Water Bowl
  • Patterns