Sea Salt and Blue Surf Loaf Pan

Designer: Elizabeth Downing



  1. Wipe dust off bisque with wet sponge.
  2. Using #8 fan brush (RB-140) apply 3 coats SW-118 Sea Salt all over inside of dish, including top rim.
  3. Using #8 fan brush (RB-140) apply 3 coats SW-100 Blue Surf all over outside of dish.
  4. Using detailer bottle AC-220 filled with SW-401 Light Flux  apply thin line of flux along inside rim of dish.
  5. With oval brush (CB-425) apply random “plops” of SW-100 Blue Surf and “plops” of SW-401 Light Flux on top rim of dish.
  6. Fire to cone 6.



  • SB-142 Loaf Pan


  • SW-118 Sea Salt
  • SW-100 Blue Surf
  • SW-401 Light Flux

Decorating Accessories

  • RB-140 #8 Soft Fan brush
  • CB-425 1/2″ Oval brush

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water Bowl