Stoneware Cherry Bowl

Designer: Tim McPherson



  1. Trace on the pattern using the Clay Carbon Paper.
  2. Lightly sketch the horizontal and vertical lines.
  3. Using the Round, Apply 1 coat of Passion Red to the cherries.
  4. Using the Round, apply 1 coat of Leaf Green to the leaves.
  5. Using the Liner, add stems using Brick.
  6. Using the Liner, outline and detail with Cobalt Jet Black.
  7. Using the Script Liner, complete the wider lines using Blue Turquoise,
  8. Using the Liner, add a thinner line to the right of the wider line with Teal.
  9. To the opposite side, add a stripe with Poppy Orange.
  10. Apply 2 coats of Clear to the inside and outside of the bowl, excluding the bottom and foot area.
  11. Place on a well kiln washed shelf and fire to cone 6.



  • SB141 Wide Rim Soup Bowl


  • EZ075
  • EZ028 Leaf Green
  • EZ055 Brick
  • EZ012 Cobalt Jet Black
  • EZ027 Blue Turquoise
  • EZ042 Teal
  • EZ058 Poppy Orange
  • SW001 Clear

Decorating Accessories:

  • CB106 # 6 Script Liner
  • CB110 # 10/0 Mini Liner
  • CB404 # 4 Pointed Round
  • CB604 # 4 Soft Fan
  • AC230 Clay Carbon Paper