Stoneware Desert Cactus Pie Plate

Designer: Teddy Wright



  1. Using a damp sponge dust off the bisque to eliminate dust.
  2. Using the clay carbon paper and the pattern trace the pattern onto the pie plate.  Note:  Only one side of the Clay Carbon Paper transfers.  To test, lay the Clay Carbon Paper on the bisque and with a pencil or pen draw a line.  If the line transfers you are good to go, if not, turn the Clay Carbon Paper over and try again. You may also need to cut a dart into the paper so it lays down in the pie plate.
  3. Use the RB-106 #6 Script Liner to apply 4 coats of SW-510 Blue Gloss.  Allow the shine to fade before applying the next coat.
  4. Using the same brush apply 4 coats of SW-502 Orange Gloss to the mountain and the foreground under the cactus shrubs.
  5. For the darker areas in the mountain, mix SW-504 Red Gloss and SW-507 Bright Green to create a light brown.
  6. For the dark brown ground, mix SW-504 Red Gloss with SW-509 Dark Green to create a dark brown. Use the Script Liner to apply 4 coats of glaze allowing the coat to fade before applying the next coat of glaze. 
  7. The cactus has two sections of green.  The dark side or the right of the Saguaro is SW-509 Dark Green. Apply 2-3 coats using the Script Liner.
  8. The light sections of the cactus are 2-3 coats of SW-507 Bright Green Gloss.
  9. The cactus flowers are one coat of SW-502 Yellow Gloss with a dab of SW-504 Red Gloss in the center.
  10. Once everything is dry enough to handle.  Use the RB-110 10/0 Detail Liner and SW-508 Black Gloss to outline all of the details. 
  11. The outside rim of the pie plate has 3 coats of SW-174 Leather or another Stoneware glaze of your choice.
  12. Do not glaze the bottom of the pie plate as it will be dry foot on the kiln shelf.  However, you can sign or decorate the bottom with Designer Liner by Mayco as it doesn’t contain frit.
  13. Fire to cone 5/6.



  • SB-101 9″ Pie Plate


  • SW-174 Leather
  • SW-502 Yellow Gloss
  • SW-503 Orange Gloss
  • SW-504 Red Gloss
  • SW-507 Bright Green Gloss
  • SW-508 Black Gloss
  • SW-509 Dark Green Gloss
  • SW-510 Blue Gloss

Decorating Accessories

  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan
  • CB-106 Script Liner
  • AC-222 Large Bottle and Writer Tip

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Scissors
  • Pattern