Woodgrain Engobe Bowl

Designer: Michael Harbridge



  1. Wipe down bisque bowl with a damp cleaning sponge.
  2. Use a RB140 #8 Soft Fan brush to apply three coats of EG002 Speckled Buff to the inside of the bowl.
  3. While the third coat of Speckled Buff is still wet, load the DB805 Drybrush Fan with EZ010 French brown and flick spots of the color over the Speckled Buff. Do the same with EZ012 and EZ038 Medium Mahogany.
  4. Center the bowl on the banding wheel and spin while touching down the RB140 #8 Soft Fan to streak the EZ Stroke colors into the wet Speckled Buff. You need to work quickly while the colors are wet to create a good blend.  
  5. Use the RB140 #8 Soft fan to apply two coats of SW199 Purple Aster to the exterior of the bowl.
  6. While the bowl is still centered on a banding wheel, use a dagger brush loaded with slightly thinned EZ012 Cobalt Black to band the lines around the edge of the bowl.
  7. Load the tip of the DB805 #3 Fan Dry Brush with slightly thinned EZ012 and flick the bristle toward the surface of the bowl to add a speckle over the interior.
  8. Apply two coats of SW002 Stoneware Matte Clear to the inside of bowl. Be careful applying the first coat of glaze since the black EZ Stroke can smear when it gets wet with glaze. (Don’t overbrush.)
  9. Fire to cone 6.




  • SB147 Small Mixing Bowl


  • EG002 Speckled Buff Engobe
  • SW199 Purple Aster
  • SW002 Stoneware Matte Clear
  • EZ010 French Brown
  • EZ012 Cobalt Black
  • EZ038 Medium Mahogany

Decorating Accessories

  • RB140 #8 Soft Fan
  • DB805 #3 Fan Dry Brush

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Glazed tile for palette
  • Banding Wheel