Yellow Brushwork Planter

Designer: Tim McPherson



  1. Using the Soft Fan, apply 1 slightly thinned coat of Sunkissed to the upper and lower bands’
  2. Using a damp sponge, wipe off the color from the raided areas,
  3. Using the Round, load in Butter Me Up and tip in Just Peachy, add a teardrop stroke, Apply a 2nd coat to deepen,
  4. Other color combinations are Lime Light tipped in Blue Isle and Butter Me Up tipped in Lime Light.
  5. Add a small stroke of a darker color over the larger area.
  6. Add a dot of a darker color to the base of the teardrops.
  7. Outline and detail in thinned Black Designer Liner.
  8. Using the Fan, apply 3 coats of Sunkissed to the inside of the container.
  9. Using the Soft Fan, apply 2 coats of Autumn Speckta-Clear to the outside,
  10. Stilt and fire to shelf cote 06.



  • MB1589 Flourish Container


  • SG703 Autumn Speckta-Clear
  • SG401 Designer Liner Black
  • SC006 Sunkissed
  • SC042 Butter Me Up
  • SC028 Blue Isle
  • SC078 Lime Light
  • SC102 Just Peachy

Decorating Accessories

  • CB110 # 10/0 Mini Liner
  • CB404 # 4 Pointed Round
  • CB604 # 4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water