Sunny Carvalho

Interview with Sunny Carvalho

Mayco: How do you describe your style of artwork?

Sunny: I resisted the word “whimsical” as I was finding my style…but it fits! Ceramics are a huge part of my art but I am also a painter (in several different mediums), a fiber artist, a woodworker and a willing participant in anything else that catches my attention in any given week. I also teach with several of the national retreats and individual studios across the United States.

I noticed you have stamps, posters and jewelry. When did you turn to ceramics?

I was primarily a porcelain artist for about 15 years at which point a change in my focus and living circumstances (meaning my 4 children were getting older and more self-sufficient!) allowed me to spend more time in the studio. As I developed what would become my true style, I began to play with ceramic clay. I really enjoyed the freedom of the shorter firing times and the wonderful bright colors of the glazes.

How do Mayco glazes fit into your style or work for you?

In my paintings, I choose to use a lot of bright color and odd characters. Over time and with lots of experimentation, I found that Mayco glazes could be used in layers, adding a brightness and boldness to my ceramic work that would reflect my style in all my other mediums. Mayco glazes are easy to work with and relatively inexpensive enough that I can try lots of combinations to find what works best for me.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in daily life. The funny things kids say and do, the things I think animals are thinking and would say out loud if they could! I am also inspired by many other things from nature to the pattern on the tile in my bathroom! Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look at things from a fresh perspective.