Best of Duncan Fired


The following products are part of the Best of Duncan Fired palette. The next chapter of Duncan is represented with the Best of Duncan fired assortment, which is comprised of the most popular Duncan glazes and specialty products. 

  • Apply a sparkling, protective finish to ware
  • Available in dipping and brush-on glazes
Clear Glazes
  • Glaze colors designed primarily for decorating bisque
  • Glossy sheen when fired with three coats
  • Intermixable to achieve a variety of colors
Concepts® Glazes
  • Opaque, semi-opaque and transparent
  • High-gloss finish
  • Outstanding brushability for ease of application
  • Underglazes
  • Intense pigment and high definition
  • Watercolor or detailed shading
EZ Stroke®
  • Dimensional glazes that won’t flatten when fired to cone 06
  • Use the squeeze bottle with a writer tip to create raised designs directly on bisque or over and under non-moving glazes
French Dimensions™
  • Mother-of-Pearl is a translucent overglaze with a lustrous iridescence
  • Premium Gold, Bright Gold, and White Gold are 22-karat, real precious metals applied to fired glazed ware as the final finish
  • Essence is a cleaning solution for all of your brushes and tools 
  • Snow is a billowy white texture that adds dimension up to 3/4” thick
  • Thin ‘n Shade is a water-based medium that can be mixed with any water-based ceramic color, fired or non-fired. Allows colors to remain workable longer.
  • Medium that can be mixed with any water-based ceramic color, fired or non-fired.
  • Colors remain workable longer and is an excellent problem solver in areas where the water system contains contaminants that can affect ceramic color results.
Thin 'n Shade