Welcome Art Educators!

Teacher Questionnaire for Mayco

Hello, Art Educators!

In our quest to continually provide top-notch education materials to the art community, we at Mayco Colors wanted to reach out to you directly for your opinions and ideas. Below you’ll find a variety of questions that will help us gather data on what educators in the field are currently looking for in their lesson plans and other materials. Current teachers, retired teachers, teachers who actively work with clay in their classrooms or not, whether you use our product or not (though we hope you’ll give it a try someday!), we want to hear from all of you! Please feel free to share this with your art education friends! The more info we have, the better we can serve you.  Thank you so much for your time.

-Bailie Benson, Mayco Education/Design


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  • Folded Texture Pumpkin Lesson Plan
    The link takes you to a current Mayco Project/lesson plan. Please take a moment to review the web page and downloadable project sheet.

Art Educator Resources

Mayco Artlink is dedicated to Art Educators. Through this community, we aim to inspire creativity through unique classroom projects, workshop opportunities, and new products to explore with your students. In addition to ideas you can implement in your classroom, you’ll see unique lesson plans and health and safety information to keep your classroom up-to-date on the latest issues. If you’re seeking more inspiration, view our project library full of low-fire and mid-range lesson plans. Click our social media links to follow Artlink’s Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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