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stoneware tileNTseal

Product Features

Application Recommendations

Usage Variations & FAQs

 Stoneware Glaze Palette

 2019 Stoneware Brochure

Sophistication and Reliability

Mayco’s Stoneware glaze assortment, including Opals, Ices, and Washes, offers a variety of finishes, textures and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. Designed to perform from cones 5-10, in oxidation or reduction firing processes on stoneware clay body of choice. Artists will appreciate the consistency of performance and control of movement. Artists will find amazing glaze combinations to expand the creative possibilities in the studio. Whether it is a pairing with a Mayco Wash, one of our Clears or a complex surface like SW-127 Olivine, these layering techniques will improve the work of any clay enthusiast.

sw bottles

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Low-Fire/Mid-Range Photos

Photos of Mayco SW glazes.

 Stoneware Gallery

Stoneware product catalog

Click the link below to download PDF

 Stoneware Catalog

Stoneware Dry Guide

Click the link below to download PDF

 Stoneware Dry Guide

General Use

Use Mayco Stoneware Glazes on any midrange clay body. These glazes are intended for use at cone range 5/6 but are also stable and pleasing at cone 10. Can be used in oxidation, reduction or other alternative atmospheric firing conditions. Always test prior to use.



Mayco Flux

SW-401 Mayco FluxMayco SW-401 Light Flux and SW-401 Dark Flux is a flowing glaze intended for use with other Stoneware Glazes to enhance movement and promote reactions for interesting effects.  

For more product information, click here to be directed to the Mayco Flux page.

Searching for glazing techniques using SW-401 Light Flux and SW-402 Dark Flux? Find it here.



Available Sizes

  • Wide mouth pints
  • 5 lbs

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Product Features

Use with Stroke & Coat®sw w sc

Artists can incorporate and combine other Mayco products with our Stoneware glazes. Use Stroke and Coat® with Stoneware glazes for an intense splash of color. Glazes shown here: SW-126 Polished Pebbles, SC-74 Hot Tamale, and SC-32 Bluebeard.

Stoneware with Designer Linersw standalone

The most intricate details can be conveyed with Mayco’s amazing Designer Liner under any of our translucent or clear Stoneware glazes.

Stoneware crystal glazessw standalone

Our Stoneware glaze palette includes four glazes that contain small pieces of glass which create variegated color when fired. These glazes are beautiful by themselves, blending and pooling naturally over the clay form. Glaze shown here: SW-115 Midnight Rain.

Stoneware with Stoneware Opalsstoneware Opals

Combining Stoneware glazes with others in our palette can produce fantastic results.Glazes shown here: SW-251 Pink Opal, SC-31 The Blues, and SW-303 Manganese Wash.

Stoneware dipping with Dry Glazesstoneware dipping

Use Mayco Stoneware Dry glazes (SDs) for fast dipping and layering, creating natural flowing effects. Glazes shown here: SW-135 Wintergreen, SW-254 Yellow Opal and SW-130 Copper Jade.


Application Recommendations

The following application recommendations are based upon the original product development intent and use for the product. Information on alternative application methods is listed in the section "Usage Variations and FAQ's".

For premixed products:

Stir well. Apply to soft-fired bisque(cone 04/06). Apply one, two or three coats depending on the result desired. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Fire to cone 5/6.

For dry mix products:

Tumble the bag prior to initial opening, which will remix the ingredient in case of settling during shipping. Water to dry material ratio is 16 oz. water to 1 pound of material. Add dry mix to water. Always use a NIOSH approved respirator when mixing dry materials. Whether dipping or spraying: let previous coat dry before applying additional coats. Fire to cone 5/6. Download Stoneware Dry PDF here.


Usage Variations & FAQs


Q: Mayco Stoneware Dry-Mix Glazes don't have to be sieved - why?

A: Our manufacturing process includes ball milling to very precise particles sizes. All you need to do to use our dry-mix glazes is add water, slake, stir and DIP. You'll love the sheeting action when dipping and be pleased to find that our dry-mix glazes will not settle out in your storage bucket.

Q: Can Mayco Stoneware Glazes be fired to cone 10?

A: Yes the can.  Some will change significantly, some not much.  Best we can do is provide this visual gallery and let you see what each glaze can do at cone 10 reduction: Cone 10 reduction results.

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(Each label provides unique information that is germane to that specific glaze. The following are the general statements that appear on all Stoneware labels)

sw label 

Label Directions

The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect fired results. Always test in your kiln, on your clay body. Safety: Do not spray apply without personal protective equipment. Food Safe, Non Toxic and Non Hazardous when used according to manufacturer's directions. For additional product usage and safety information please refer to www.maycocolors.com"

sw dry label

(Front Dry Label)

"Mayco's Stoneware Dry Mix glazes contain the same ingredients as our premixed formulas (leaving out viscosity thickeners and preservatives) and are ideally suited for spraying and dipping application. For best results: Gently tumble unopened bag to remix materials. Mix 1 pound of dry material to 1 pint (16 oz.) of water. Thin or thicken as needed. Our dry blends feature uniform and very fine particle sizing; sieving should not ne necessary. For best glazing results: Dipping - stir well right before dipping piece. Immerse the piece for 2-3 seconds; let dry for 3-5 minutes before applying additional coats (optional).Please read and observe the safety precautions on the back panel. For additional safety and usage inforamtion please visit our website: www.maycocolors.com."

Back - Dry Label

"WARNING: CONTAINS QUARTZ EXPOSURE MAY CAUSE LUNG DAMAGE.POSSIBLE CANCER AGENT BASED ON TESTS WITH LABORATORY ANIMALS.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.AVOID INHALATION. Call your local poison control center for additional health information. MSDS sheets can be downloaded from: http://www.maycocolors.com


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