Ceramic Banner

Designer: Kaitlyn Miller




  1. Draw out shape(s) of the banner flags on paper and cut out to use as a stencil.
  2. Roll out a slab about 1/8” thick.
  3. Compress slab on either side with rib.
  4. Using stencil, cut banner flag shapes out of the slab.
  5. Use straw to punch two holes in the top of each flag.
  6. Smooth corners and edges with a sponge.
  7. Lightly cover with plastic to dry slowly.
  8. Once dried fully bisque fire to Cone 04.


  1. Using masking tape, tape designs on each flag tile.
  2. With a soft fan brush, paint three coats of the foundations glaze of your choice (FN-004, FN-002 or FN-041).
  3. While third coat is still drying pull tape off to reveal masked areas.
  4. With your soft fan brush, paint two coats of Northern Lights (S-2702).
  5. Once dried fully fire to Cone 06.


  1. Line up flag tiles in desired order for banner.
  2. Cut your twine two feet longer than the length of your banner layout.
  3. Begin stringing your banner, tying knots at the backside of each hole as you go.
  4. Tie loops at each end for hanging.
  5. Hang and enjoy

Variations and Adaptations

  • If used in a class setting, pre-slab and compress clay beforehand to save time.



  • Low-fire white clay


  • FN-004 Red
  • FN-002 Yellow
  • FN-041 Medium Blue
  • S-2702 Northern Lights

Decorating Accessories

  • RB-144 #4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Pencil,
  • Straw
  • Sponge
  • Needle tool
  • Rib
  • Masking Tape
  • Rolling pin
  • Paper for stencil
  • Twine