Cobblestone Eggs Tile

Designer: Bailie Benson


  1. Wipe bisque with a damp sponge to remove dust.
  2. Apply three coats of FN054 to the whole tile with the fan brush, allowing to dry between coats.
  3. Once the background is dry, place the Clay Carbon Transfer Paper down over the tile and the pattern on top.
  4. Trace the pattern with a pencil.
  5. Remove pattern and transfer paper.
  6. Apply two coats of FN017 to the eggs with the script liner.
  7. Once the background is dry, apply two to three coats of SG202 to the eggs, leaving a small line of FN017 uncovered on the outside of each egg.
  8. When the shine on the cobblestone is gone, apply one coat of the following colors to the eggs with the script liner brush: 1. Egg 1: SC101 over the whole thing, Stripes of SC102. 2. Egg 2: SC102 over the whole thing, dots of SC103. 3. Egg 3: SC103 over the whole thing, zigzags of SC101.
  9. Using the back of a brush or pencil eraser, make dots from the Stroke & Coat colors in groupings of 5 to create flowers.
  10. Edge the tile with two coats of FN017.
  11. Allow to dry.
  12. Stilt and fire to cone 06.



  • 6×6” bisque tile


  • FN054 Pistachio
  • FN017 Purple
  • SC102 Just Peachy
  • SC101 Spruce It Up
  • SC103 Lavendear
  • SG202 White Cobblestone

Decorating Accessories

  • RB106 Script Liner brush
  • RB144 Fan brush
  • AC230 Clay Carbon Transfer Paper

Miscellaneous Accessories