Colorful Stoneware Mat Platter

Designer: Josh Clark



  1. Start by rolling out a ¼ inch slab of clay.
  2. Next using Mayco designer mats roll and press into the clay in any variety and pattern you wish. In this example, MT-009 Scallops Mat, MT-008 Spiral Mat, MT-001 Flower Branch, and MT-004 were used.
  3. Next using Mayco “Slump and Hump” 13 inch platter mold CD-914, drape the slab into the platter mold, lightly pounce a sand bag onto the slab to compress it into the shape of the platter in the mold, and then cut the excess slab away by running your cutting tool along the outside of the mold.
  4. When leather hard, remove the piece from the mold, Gently clean edges with a sponge, and when bone dry, bisque fire to shelf cone 04.
  5. Next using any combination of Mayo’s Stoneware Glazes to apply 2-3 coats of each. Glaze each impressed design with a separate color. In this example, SW-201 Turquoise, SW-205 Coral, SW-2017 Chambray, SW-209 Charcoal, and SW-211 Glacier Blue were used.
  6. Finish by firing the piece to cone 6 on medium speed.



  • CD-914 Slump 13-inch platter mold
  • Mid-fire moist clay


  • SW-201 Turquoise
  • SW-205 Coral
  • SW-207 Chambray
  • SW-209 Charcoal
  • SW-211 Glacier Blue

Decorating Accessories

  • MT-001 Flower Branch
  • MT-004 Swirls
  • MT-009 Scallops
  • MT-008 Spiral
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Palette knife
  • Sand bag 
  • Rolling pin