Handbuilt Sea Life Planter – Squid

Designer: Carmen Allen




  1. Begin with about a 1 lb. ball of clay and pinch out into a pinch pot. Keep it tall and narrow for the squid’s body with a cone at the top (top of the squid’s head, but the bottom of the pinch pot).
  2. Roll out a slab about ¼” thick and apply MT-004 Swirls.
  3. Cut out fins from the textured slab and attach to the pinch pot by slipping and scoring.
  4. Cut a hole out of the top for hanging.
  5. Let dry completely and bisque fire.


  1. Apply 1 coat of EL-207 Gold Mine.
  2. Apply 2 coats of EL-118 Blue Grotto to the inside and outside.
  3. Use a CB-604 #4 Soft fan to plop PC-601 Clear Cascade, PC-602 White Cascade, and EL-118 Blue Grotto. Let dry and repeat.
  4. Apply squiggles of SC-15 Tuxedo randomly.
  5. Use a pipe cleaner to clean any glaze out of the hole in the top.
  6.  Let dry completely.
  7. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.



  •  Earthenware white clay


  • EL-207 Gold Mine
  • EL-118 Blue Grotto
  • PC-601 Clear Cascade
  • PC-602 White Cascade
  • SC-15 Tuxedo

Decorating Accessories

  • MT-004 Swirls Mat
  • CB-604 #4 Soft fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Pipe cleaner