Happy Fall Stoneware Plate

Designer: Tim McPherson



  1. Trace on the pattern using the Clay Carbon Paper.
  2. Outline the entire design with the Black Designer Liner.
  3. Using the Round and Liner, apply 2 coats of Sunkissed to the yellow leaves, Tu Tu Tango to the red colored leaves and Can’t Elope to the orange leaves and to the letters.
  4. Using the liner, apply 2 coats of Tiger Tail to the stems.
  5. Using the Soft Fan and Script Liner, apply 2 coats of Amber Quartz to the rim and back of the plate, excluding the foot and recessed area.
  6. Using the Soft Fan and Script Liner, apply 1 coat of Autumn to the background, keeping off the painted areas.
  7. Apply 1 coat of clear over the Autumn areas.
  8. Place on a well kiln washed shelf and fire to shelf cone 6



  • SB-105 Rimmed Dinner Plate


  • SC-6 Sunkissed
  • SC-88 Tu Tu Tango
  • SC-97 Can’t Elope
  • SC-5 Tiger Tail
  • SG-401 Designer Liner Black
  • SG-703 Speckta-Clear Autumn
  • SW-001 Clear
  • SW-173 Amber Quartz

Decorating Accessories

  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Paper
  • CB-110 # 10/0 Mini Liner
  • CB-106 # 6 Script Liner
  • CB-404 # 4 Pointed Round
  • CB-604 # 4 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories