Morning Sunrise Vase

Designer: David Hoff



  1. Check the vase over for any blemishes. If present, lightly sand to remove using the 100-grit sand paper.
  2. Damp sponge the ware down to remove any fired dust and to condition the piece for decorating. To condition and clean the inside of vase pour a small amount of water into the vase. Quickly swirl the water around and pour out any remaining water.
  3. Place the weighting material inside of the vase.
  4. Place the ware onto the banding wheel and make sure the ware is centered. If the ware is not centered properly it will have skips of color as the piece is banded.
  5. Place the EZ Strokes on the page protector palette and thin with water or Thin ‘n Shade to a very light cream consistency.
  6. With the #4 Soft Fan loaded with Neon Yellow and rapidly turning the banding wheel, apply the color to the inside rim, the top and about inch down the outside of vase. Do not wash the brush.
  7. Pick up Yellow Orange and over lapping about a ¼” of the Neon Yellow band another inch or so down the vase. Do not wash the brush.
  8. Pick up Poppy Orange, proceed to band another inch down the vase. Remember to overlap the 1/4” of the previous color. Do not wash the brush.
  9. Pick up Coral Red, proceed to band another inch down the vase again over lapping the previous applied color.
  10. Finally pick up the Passion Red and band this color to the bottom of the ware. Now wash the Fan Brush and remove excess water.
  11. Repeat steps 6 through 10 again making sure that the coloration blends from the lighter yellow at the top of the vase downward to the deeper tone of the Passion Red.
  12. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  13. Trace the provided pattern onto a piece of tissue paper with the standard pencil.
  14. Align the pattern on the vase. With the water-based marker trace over the penciled design on the tissue paper. The marker will bleed through the tissue paper.
  15. Thin Cobalt Jet Black slightly with a few drops of water or Thin ‘n Shade
  16. With the #4 Pointed Round, block in the traced design with two thin coats of the Cobalt Jet Black. The Cobalt Jet Black is also applied to the bottom of the vase.
  17. Load #2 Liner with Cobalt Jet Black and smooth out the outline of the Egret, add grasses and black detailing to the Egret.
  18. Fire ware to a shelf cone 04. Note ware does not need to be stilted since EZ Strokes will not stick to the shelf when fired.
  19. Damp sponge ware after firing to remove any fired dust and to condition the piece for glazing.
  20. Pour a small amount of Crystal Clear Brushing in to a paper cup and thin with water to a light cream consistency. Roll the inside of the vase and drain off excess. Wipe back any drips or runs from the outside of ware.
  21. Apply 3 coats of the Crystal Clear Brushing to the outside of vase with the #8 Soft Fan. Glaze needs to dry between coats.
  22. Stilt ware and fire to shelf cone 06.
  23. Remove stilt marks with Dremel Tool or Stilt Stone.



  • MB885 Great Shape Vase


  • EZ012 Cobalt Jet Black
  • EZ026 Yellow Orange
  • EZ057 Coral Red
  • EZ058 Poppy Orange
  • EZ075 Passion Red
  • EZ101 Neon Yellow
  • S2101 Crystal Clear Brushing

Decorating Accessories

  • CB202 #2 Detail Liner
  • CB404 #4 Pointed Round
  • CB604 #4 Soft Fan
  • CB608 #8 Soft Fan

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • 100-grit Sandpaper
  • 1 3 oz Paper Cup
  • Quality Banding Wheel
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ultra fine water-based marker
  • Standard Pencil
  • 2 cups rice or beans or sand to weight the vase while banding
  • Palette
  • Pattern