Owl Tile

Designer: Kaitlyn Miller


  1. Wipe off bisque with a damp sponge.
  2. Place tile over owl pattern and trace tile size around owl- keeping the owl in the center. If choosing to draw your own pattern, trace size of tile on paper to be sure your owl fits inside.
  3. Cut Clay Carbon Transfer Paper (AC-230) to size and tape to the back of owl pattern so the rough side is exposed.
  4. Be sure to only tape at the edge so the tape does not interfere with the transfer.
  5. Place paper and pattern on top of tile carbon paper side down and tape so it stays in place.
  6. Using a soft graphite pencil, trace lines of pattern applying enough pressure to transfer.
  7. You can check by pulling up one corner of your page that the transfer was successful while keeping other pieces of tape down to avoid needing to re-align.
  8. Remove paper once transfer is complete and set owl pattern aside to be used again.
  9. Trace the design on tile with a pencil so lines are easier to see when glazing.
  10. Graphite will burn out when piece is fired.
  11. With a soft brush, apply one coat of White (FN-001) to the background allowing glaze to come right up to the outline of the owl
  12. Once dry apply Cara-bein Blue (SC-76) and Sunkissed (SC-6) to the background as a watercolor wash, picking up color with a wet brush and blending it into the background.
  13. Apply 2 coats of Cant-elope (SC-97) to the top of the owl’s head (the area between the ears and above the eyes) and let dry.
  14. Cut the top of head area out of your owl pattern and tape edges down to the tile so only the most recently glazed area is exposed.
  15. Using a sponge, apply and even layer of Cara-bein Blue to the Wave Stamp (ST-125)
  16. Apply stamp to the top of the head by firmly pressing the stamp down on the exposed tile.
  17. Pull back stamp to reveal design and remove paper.
  18. Apply one heavy coat of Sassy Orange (CG-753) being sure to mix up the glaze well and apply extra crystals.
  19. Apply 2 coats of Sassy Orange to the wings.
  20. Use back of brush or fingers to knock most crystals off of the wings and add to body with a little more glaze.
  21. If you create a bare spot on a wing just cover up with a little more glaze.
  22. Apply 2 coats of White (FN-001) to eyes and inner ears.
  23. Apply 2 coats of Sunkissed (SC-6) to beak.
  24. Using Cant-elope apply a light wash of orange in the inner ear by picking up a small amount of color with a wet brush.
  25. Apply Cara-bein blue to the center of the eye and outward using the same wash technique.
  26. Outline the design using Black Designer Liner (SG-401).
  27. Squeeze Designer Liner out onto pallet and add a little water pick up with brush to apply to center of the eyes.
  28. Allow to dry completely.
  29. Fire to Cone 06.



  • Earthenware Tile


  • FN-001 White
  • SC-6 Sunkissed
  • SC-76 Cara-Bein Blue
  • SC-97 Cant-elope
  • CG-753 Sassy Orange
  • SG-Black Designer Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • ST-125 Wave Stamp
  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Transfer Paper
  • Pencil
  • Sponge
  • Owl Pattern or paper with own drawing