Sgraffito Sunflower Tile

Designer: William Pulse



  1. Wipe down the tile with a slightly moistened Synthetic Sponge to remove any dust and to rehydrate the tile. If dry greenware is used, use CB-604 Soft Fan loaded with water to apply a couple of coats of water to rehydrate the clay some before completing Step 2. It is easier to sgraffito the design on leather hard greenware that color has been applied. When dry greenware is used it is more difficult to carve through the color and clay. Several passes of the sgraffito tool should be made instead of one bold cut into the color. If the greenware and color are both very dry, extra care should be given when carving the lines as chipping of the underglaze can occur. Bisque tiles can be used but the look is slightly different and is a bit more difficult to carve the lines into the color.
  2. Place some of each of the underglaze colors out onto a tile. Use a slightly moistened Synthetic Sponge to pounce on 1 coat of UG-204 Orange to the center of the tile. Approximately 2-2 ½” circle. Clean the sponge and then apply 1 coat of UG-223 Apricot to the rest of the tile overlapping the orange center edge. Repeat this step two more times to complete the three coats of colors. The orange color should blend into the apricot color with no harsh demarcation to the colors.
  3. Sketch or trace the basic outline of the flower with the pencil.
  4. Use the sgraffito tool to sgraffito the lines of the flower. Vary the width of the lines by applying more or less pressure to the tool. Use the side of the sgraffito tool to carve bolder scoops in the center of the flower. Use the pattern for guidance. Sgraffito fine lines to the petals outward from the center of the flower as well as any overlapping petals. Use a dry CB-604 Soft Fan to brush away any debris from the carving before firing or while working on the design. Let dry.
  5. Fire to shelf cone 04.
  6. Use a slightly moistened Synthetic Sponge to wipe down the tile to remove any dust or debris before glazing.
  7. Use CB-604 Soft Fan to apply 2-3 coats of S-2101 Crystal Clear Brushing to the entire tile.
  8. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 05-06.



  • 6”x 6” Greenware Tile, preferably leather hard


  • S-2101 Crystal Clear Brushing
  • UG-223 Apricot
  • UG-204 Orange

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-604 Soft Fan
  • Sgraffito Tool

Miscellaneous Accessories