Thankful Acorn Container

Designer: William Pulse



  1. Fettle the seam lines off the ware using the Clean Up Tool. Sand any imperfections using the Green Grit Cloth. Wipe down the ware to remove any dust. Check the inside for any dust or debris as well.
  2. Transfer the design onto the ware using a Pencil and AC-230 Clay Carbon.
  3. Incise the lines of the design using a Scraffito Tool. Keep the lines even in depth and width when carving the lines. Dust off any clay particles while carving the lines.
  4. Fire to Shelf Cone 04-05.
  5. Use a moistened Synthetic Sponge to wipe down the ware to remove any dust. Check the insides of the container as well.
  6. Using CB-604 Soft Fan to apply 3 coats of FN-08 to the inside of the container bottom and lid. Using CB-404 Pointed Round to apply 3 coats of Brown to the lower sections of the acorns and nob on lid.
  7. Apply 3 coats of EL-142 Rare Earth to the stem and caps of the acorns using CB-404 Pointed Round.
  8. Apply 3 coats of EL-142 Grass to the leaves in a dabbing motion using CB-404 Pointed Round.
  9. On a tile thin SC-51 Poo Bear to non-fat milk consistency. Apply 2 coats to the background of the on the container and lid excluding the nob using CB-604 Soft Fan and CB-106 Script Liner. Let dry.
  10. On a tile thin SC-5 Tiger Tail to non-fat milk consistency. Load the CB-106 Script liner with water and tip brush with color. Shade around the design with the brush about 1 ½” from the design. Shade the lid completely excluding the nob.
  11. On a tile thin SC-25 Crackerjack to a melted ice cream consistency. Further deepen the shading around the design using the CB-106 Script Liner loaded with water and tipped with color. Shade the edge of the lid. Let Dry.
  12. Transfer the lettering onto the ware using AC-230 Clay Carbon and a pencil. Make sure the lettering is perpendicular to the bottom edge of the container. Apply 2 coats of SC-34 Down to Earth using CB-101 Liner to the lettering.
  13. Apply 1-2 coats of SG-703 Autumn Specta-Clear to the background of the design and lid (excluding the nob) using CB-604 Soft Fan and CB-106 Script Liner. Be aware of the specks as you brush on the glaze. Brush out any clumps of specks that accumulate in any given area.
  14. Stilt and Fire to Shelf Cone 05-06.



  • CD-1284 Oval Container, Greenware


  • SC-5 Tiger Tail
  • SC-25 Crackerjack
  • SC-34 Down to Earth
  • SC-51 Poo Bear
  • EL-135 Rare Earth
  • EL-142 Grass
  • FN-08 Brown
  • SG-703 Autumn Speckta-Clear

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-106 Script Liner
  • CB-404 Pointed Round
  • CB-604 Soft Fan
  • AC-230 Clay Carbon

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Scraffito Tool
  • Clean Up Tool
  • Green Grit Cloth
  • Sponge
  • Pencil