Van Gogh Canvas – Artist Series

Designer: Kaitlyn Miller



  1. Roll clay into a slab that is at least 16”x20” and about 1/8” thick 
  2. Compress slab with rib 
  3. Using your fettling knife and a straight edge cut a 8”x10” rectangle to use as your canvas 
  4. Smooth out cut edges with a damp sponge and set aside 
  5. Lay pattern on top of remaining slab and draw over lines with pencil- this will leave an indentation in your clay 
  6. Pull pattern away to reveal lines in clay 
  7. Using a fettling knife or xacto knife, cut sections of the image out at a time, cleaning cut edges with a damp sponge of finger once removed 
  8. Assemble image on canvas and attach pieces by slipping and scoring them on (You may need to adjust pieces slightly) 
  9. Smooth attachments with a wet brush or dull pencil 
  10. Allow tile to dry slightly, loosely covered with plastic 

Add Color layers: 

  1. Once clay is about leather hard start adding in color, focusing on big blocks of color at first 
  2. See mixed colors section to reference color mixing formulas 
  3. Using a soft bristled brush, apply 2 coats of the background color to the background, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next 
  4. If you accidentally paint an area that you did not mean to you can just scratch the color away from the clay using the back of your brush or your fingernail 
  5. Apply 2 coats of the mixed table color in the same way, while the 2nd coat is still wet brush in some brown as the shadow on the table 
  6. Continue to black in color in the vase and flowers, applying 2 coats of color using all of your yellows, oranges, reds, browns, and green 
  7. Allow tile to continue to dry slowly 
  8. Once completely dry bisque fire tile to Cone 04 
  9. Wipe bisqued piece down with a damp sponge to remove any dust 
  10. Apply additional layers of color as needed to define shapes in more detail 
  11. Allow underglaze to dry fully (leave overnight) 
  12. You can continue to fire piece and add more layers of color if desired


  • Instead of leaving the piece matte, apply 2 coats of Clear brushing glaze (S2101) to vase and flowers. Fire glazed piece to Cone 06  



  • EM100 3lbs of Low-fire white clay  


All found in UGKIT1: 

  • UG-206 Fire Engine Red  
  • UG-50 Jet Black  
  • UG-31 Chocolate  
  • UG-51 China White  
  • UG-68 Apple Green  
  • UG-204 Orange  
  • UG-97 Bright Blue  
  • UG-208 Dragon Red  
  • S-2101 Crystal Clear Brushing

Mixed Colors: 

  • Background Color= 3 parts Apple green + 2 parts China White + 1 part Bright Blue 
  • Bright Orange= 2 parts Fire Engine Red + 1 part Bright Yellow 
  • Light Yellow= 1 part Bright Yellow + 1 part China White 
  • Yellow Ocher= 5 parts Bright Yellow + 1 part Chocolate + 1 part Fire Engine Red 
  • Dark Green= 2 parts Leaf Green + 1 part Chocolate + 1 part Jet Black 
  • Dark Orange= 3 parts orange + 1 part Chocolate + 1 part Jet Black 
  • Table Color= 2parts Bright Yellow + I part Chocolate + 1 part Orange 
  • Light Orange= 2 parts Bright Yellow + 1 part Orange 

      Miscellaneous Accessories

      • Slab roller or rolling pin 
      • Straight edge 
      • Rib 
      • Fettling knife 
      • Xacto knife 
      • Pencil 
      • Reference image 
      • Pattern  
      • Water 
      • Sponge 
      • Brushes