Cheesecloth Mummy Tile

Designer: Bailie Benson


  1. Wipe bisque tile with damp sponge.
  2. Apply 2 coats of SC-35.
  3. While coat #2 is drying, crisscross the strips of cheesecloth across the tile. Leave a larger gap between the cloth in the top third of the piece for eyes.
  4. Apply a thinned down coat of SC-35 over the whole piece to seal in the cheesecloth.
  5. When the SC-35 has lost its shine, apply one coat of SC-46 over the whole piece.
  6. When the top coat has lost it’s shine, carefully peel back the cheesecloth.
  7. Allow to dry.
  8. Dip your fan brush back into SC-46 and remove most of the glaze onto a paper towel.
  9. Lightly sweep the fan brush over the piece to highlight the texture of the cloth.
  10. With the script liner brush, fill in the larger eye space with SC-15 and let dry.
  11. Add two circles of SC-16, let dry.
  12. Add two smaller circles of SC-7 over the white circles
  13. Add two smaller circles of SC-15 over the green circles.
  14. With the back end of the brush, place two small dots of SC-16 on each eye for highlights.
  15. Let dry, stilt, and fire to cone 06.



  • 6” tile


  • SC-15 Tuxedo
  • SC-35 Gray Hare
  • SC-46 Rawhide
  • SC-16 Cotton Tail
  • SC-7 Leapin’ Lizar

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-604 Soft Fan Brush
  • CB-106 Script Liner
  • 1” cheesecloth strips

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Bowl of water