Hocus Pocus Witch Cup

Designer: William Pulse



  1. Moisten a BT-910 Sponge and wipe down the piece to remove any dust and debris from the ware. Check the inside as well.
  2. Apply 3 coats of SW-134 Eggplant to the inside of the cup using CB-604 Soft Fan. Apply 3 coats to the handle using CB-406 Pointed Round.
  3. Cut the pattern to fit onto the ware using the scissors. Attach the pattern onto the ware with Blue Masking Tape and then transfer the pattern onto the ware using AC-230 Clay Carbon and a pencil.
  4. To the hat (cone and brim) apply 2 coats of UG-198 Dark Gray using CB-406 Pointed Round in a dabbing (patting) motion. The color is applied unevenly and not brushed on as normally applications.
  5. Apply 3 even coats of UG-218 Pear Green to the face excluding the mouth using CB-406 Pointed Round.
  6. Apply 3 coats of UG-58 Harvest Gold to the hair and stars using CB-406 Pointed Round and CB-110 Liner. Detail the hair with stripes of UG-31 Chocolate using CB-110 Liner. Thin some SG-408 Orange on a tile and shade the hair with some stripes using CB-110 Liner. Use the thinned (dirty water) UG-87 Regal Purple to fill in the mouth and to shade the cheeks.
  7. Apply 2 coats of UG-87 Regal Purple to the coat and hat band in an uneven dabbing motion using CB-406 Pointed Round. Dab the coat and one side of the hat band with 1 uneven coat of UG-93 Wild Violet using the same brush. Thin some SG-408 Orange on a tile and then dab some areas with the thinned color in an uneven manner as before. Shade under the top portion of the coat and front seam with some UG-1 Kings Blue using CB-406 Pointed Round.
  8. For the lettering and detailing of the pattern use SG-401 Black. Sketch or trace the face detail if needed. Keep the detail in the face as fine as possible. The shading on the hat is done with the Black Designer Liner. Let Dry.
  9.  Apply 2-3 coats of SW-001 Clear to the cup using CB-604 Soft Fan and CB-406 Pointed Round excluding the handle and interior. Do not paint the bottom of the cup.
  10. Make sure there is no glaze on the bottom of the piece. Use a moistened sponge to remove any glaze from the bottom of the ware before firing.
  11. Fire the piece to Shelf Cone 6.



  • SB-120 Latte Cup Stoneware Bisque or CD130 Latte Mug Mold


  • UG-1 Kings Blue
  • UG-31 Chocolate
  • UG–58 Harvest Gold
  • UG-87 Regal Purple
  • UG-93 Wild Violet
  • UG-198 Dark Grey
  • UG-218 Pear Green
  • SG-401 Black
  • SG-408 Orange
  • SW-001 Clear
  • SW-134 Eggplant

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-110 Liner
  • CB-404 Pointed Round
  • RB-604 Soft Fan
  • AC-230 Clay Carbon

Miscellaneous Accessories