Softees Pearl Fred and Ethel

Designer: Bob Moreni



  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Using an AB710 ¾ Flat Shader, basecoat each chicken with SS138 Flat Black. Allow to Dry!
  3. Using a DB803 #8 Round, drybrush SS198 Chocolate to the lower body and top part of the wing of each chicken also the area between the tail feathers followed by SS234 Medium Mocha then SS212 Light Umber. Highlight the upper wing area with SS135 White
  4. Using a DB803 #8 Round, drybrush SS212 Light Umber to the heard and upper pate of the body, then OS445 French Vanilla followed by SS135 White.
  5. Using a DB803 #8 Round and a DB802 #5 Round, (refer to the photo) drybrush parts of the tail and the wing as follows:
  6. Green area – SS057 Accent Green then OS488 Christmas Green then highlighted with OS466 Avocado with a touch of SS135 White in the brush blending the colors.
  7. Blue areas – OS541 Northern Blue then SS335 Rich Blue followed by SS331 Medium Blue.
  8. Purple areas – OS569 Concord then SS368 Dusty Violet followed by SS368 Dusty Violet with a touch of SS135 White in the brush.
  9. Using a DB801 #3 Round, drybrush the Combe and waddle with OS503 Barnyard Red then SS176 Christmas Red highlight with OS449 Bright Red.
  10. Using a DB801 #3 Round, drybrush the beak with SS212 Light Umber then with OS436 Gold highlight with a little SS135 White in the brush.
  11. Using a AB701 #0 Detail and a AB702 #10/0 Liner, paint he eyes with SS138 Flat Black then add highlights of SS331 Medium Blue and SS135 White.
  12. Using a AB702 #10/0 Liner, detail in-between the wing and tail feathers with SS138 Flat Black.
  13. Using an AB710 ¾ Flat Shader, apply 2 coats of AC502 Matte Brush on Sealer to the chickens. Allow to dry between each coat.
  14. Using an AB701 #0 Detail, apply 2 coats of AC501 Gloss Brush on Sealer to the eyes and the beak of the chickens. Allow to Dry!
  15. DO NOT FIRE!



  • MB1619 Fred Rooster
  • MB1620 Ethel Hen


  • SS057 Accent Green
  • SS113 White Iridescent
  • SS135 White
  • SS138 Flat Black
  • SS176 Christmas Red
  • SS183 Rich Peach
  • SS198 Chocolate
  • SS212 Light Umber
  • SS234 Medium Mocha
  • SS331 Medium Blue
  • SS335 Rich Blue
  • SS368 Dusty Violet
  • OS436 Gold
  • OS445 French Vanilla
  • OS449 Bright Red
  • OS466 Avocado
  • OS488 Christmas Green
  • OS503 Barnyard Red
  • OS541 Northern Blue
  • OS569 Concord
  • AC501 Gloss Brush on Sealer
  • AC502 Mate Brush on Sealer

Decorating Accessories

  • AB701 #0 Detail
  • AB702 #10/0 Liner
  • AB708 #10 Shader
  • AB710 ¾ Flat Shader
  • DB801 #3 Round
  • DB802 #5 Round
  • DB803 #8 Round
  • DB804 #3 Flat

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Foam Plates or Aluminum Foil for Palette
  • Paper Towels