Cardboard Panda Tile

Designer: Bailie Benson


  1. Wipe down 6×6 tile with a damp sponge to clean.
  2. Using a soft fan brush, apply three coats of SC-101 Spruce It Up to the whole tile.
  3. Remove one side of the cardboard piece to reveal the “ribs” of the cardboard.
  4. With a soft fan brush, paint a swatch of SC-78 Lime Light directly to your work surface large enough to fit the piece of cardboard.
  5. Press the rib side of the cardboard like a stamp down into the painted swatch of SC-78 Lime Light.
  6. To create the bamboo shoots, stamp the cardboard onto the tile leaving about 1/5th of the bottom of the tile un-stamped.
  7. Wipe up the swatch of SC-78 Lime Light and replace with a swatch of SC-26 Green Thumb.
  8. Stamp the edge of the cardboard into the swatch and stamp onto bottom 1/5th of the tile to represent grass on the ground.
  9. After the glaze has dried, apply panda pattern with carbon transfer paper and a pencil.
  10. Add leaves and horizontal lines to the bamboo shoots with SC-26 Green Thumb using a detail brush, avoiding the panda outline.
  11. Fill in the panda with three coats of SC-15 Tuxedo and SC-16 Cotton Tail, using a detail brush for the larger areas and liner brush for the outlines.
  12. Stilt the tile and fire to shelf cone 06.



  • 6” tile


  • SC-15 Tuxedo
  • SC-16 Cotton Tail
  • SC-78 Lime Light
  • SC-26 Green Thumb
  • SC-101 Spruce It Up

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-604 Soft Fan Brush
  • RB-100 Detail brush
  • RB-110 Liner brush
  • Piece of cardboard

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Bowl of water
  • Sponge
  • Pattern
  • Pencil
  • AC-230 Clay Carbon Transfer Paper