PYOP Camp Collection

PYOP Camp Collection

It’s time for camp! We have curated a collection of projects that are perfect for camp, after school art, enrichment programs, and workshops. The projects in our PYOP Camp Collection were designed to provide you and your customers with the opportunity to work with clay, learn clever application techniques, and work with a variety of glazes. Plus, they can be used any time of year!

Many of these projects have been created on tiles so that you may harness the inspiration and translate that onto the surface of your choice. Create your own variations on the projects by trying them with new glaze combinations, layer techniques, or design motifs.

Click the below link to download all projects, of choose from the images below. All projects have an easy to save & print PDF.

Three cheers for camp!!

Camp Projects

Butterfly Tile

Canvas Pouring

Cardboard Panda Tile

Carved Relief Heraldry Tile

Cheesecloth Mummy

Cobblestone Egg Tile

Colorful Cobblestone Coral

Colorful Windchimes

Curly Cobblestone Mushroom

Elements Pinch Pot Cactus

Feather Painting Tile

Flower Garden Napkin Tile

Folded Texture Pumpkin

Frank Lloyd wright Inspired Tile

Frog & Lily Pad

Galaxy Chip Tile

Handbuilt Cobblestone Mushroom

Handbuilt People Pots

Jungle Gems and Stroke & Coat Peace Sign Tile

Jungle Gem Doily Tile

Mushroom Batik Tile

Neon Sign Tile

Stoneware Peacock Technicque

Starry Night Qtip Tile

Watercolor Silhouettes

Studio Resources

Join the Mayco Pottery Camp Facebook page! We’ve created a place for attendees to share their results from camp, chat with each other, and more. if you’re looking for more inspiration, view our project library full of low-fire and mid-range samples to try out in your studio.

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